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Horrible High Heels

Someone has been skinning dead bodies and using their hide to make shoes. All of a sudden, a shoe factory whose business has been on the low side for some time improves tremendously.

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A sadistic killer has been skinning dead bodies and using their skin to make shoes.He sells such products to some unknowing shoemakers whose shoes are praised for their comfortable soft leather."Horrible High Heels" is a pretty depraved flick,but it's nowhere nearly as powerful as "Red to Kill" or "The Untold Story".The killings are mean-spirited and sadistic(the dismemberment of a young Chinese woman is especially memorable),but there is absolutely no suspense.The film is pretty hard to take seriously and the acting is absolutely bad.The sex scenes are plentiful and the sleaze factor is pretty high.Overall,"Horrible High Heels" is a mildly enjoyable piece of HK exploitation. IMDB

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AKA:Ren pi guo zheng xie
Director:Wai On Chan, Cheng Chow
Language:Cantonese, English subtitles
Audio Quality:9.0
Video Quality:9.0
Starring:Billy Chow Yuk-Ling Chow Yu Lung Hsiao Feng Hung

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