About Us


If you’re new here or not, let us tell a little of ourselves.

ZDD is a service for true aficionados of hard to find Euro, Cult and Horror cinema, serving collectors for over 15 years. We Source rare prints from all over the world from VHS, Laserdisc, TV broadcasts, screeners, VCD, 16mm & many more. Most titles come with full custom artwork as pictured in the catalogue. This service is offered on a collector to collector basis.

Having been collectors now for over 30 years we do know a little about what we sell.

I personally am a Gialli fanatic and also have a keen interest in British horror and thrillers of the 60’s and 70’s. That doesn’t mean I’m not adverse to the odd D’Amato or Fulci gut muncher and I’m always still being turned on to new things by you my fellow collectors.

Some of your requests have had us searching every book, page on the internet and trawling those little forgotten video shops in every corner of the world just in the hope of coming across some lost gem.

Understand all requested titles are kept on file and if we can’t find it now we don’t stop looking. Have fun with the films and the site, we’re always open to questions, comments and suggestions and we will personally answer every one we can.

Every title on the site is region free so no matter where in the world you live you should have no problems playing any of our discs. Your only requirement is a DVD player capable of receiving a PAL and NTSC signal, about 99% of European players have this facility, the rest of the world check the net for compatible players. 

We are still adding cover art as we make it and have designed many covers here now and try as often as possible to use the original release or advertising pics. We want you to have a product that will sit well with your present collection and reflect our overall quality.

Many thanks for looking and enjoy the films!
All @ ZDD

What will my products look like?:

All DVD-R discs come printed. Discs will come with full artwork where available, and come in a choice of boxed in a full-size 14mm case or ‘soft packed’  (UK and EU only, rest of the world will be ‘soft packed‘ only). This can be chosen via the shipping option on the cart page. If artwork is unavailable, it will come as a printed disc only in a PVC wallet. Keep looking back to the site for new artwork if it’s there add a note in your next order for the cover to be supplied.

Ratings explained: 

All films are rated for audio and video these can be found in the Data tab in product descriptions.

Everyone rates in different ways and what maybe an 8 to me might be a 6 or 9 to you so please bear in mind that they are there as a rough guide only.

A rating of 8.5 will normally be direct from a VHS master or equivalent

9 upwards will be from good quality TV broadcasts, screeners etc.

8 and below will be from 2nd  or even 3rd generation prints from all types of master.

Fullscreen & widescreen titles are marked with  a W or F 

Widescreen can mean anything from a slight scope to 16:9 anamorphic. We try and mention this in descriptions when we can.


Refund Policy:

Please note we will only replace the film with the same title and can not change a title just because you didn’t like the movie. Read our product descriptions carefully before purchasing to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

Our Guarantee:

All faulty items will be replaced free of charge within 30 days of receipt of the items.

If you believe you’ve received a faulty disc please get in touch and we’ll put things straight. Please make sure you try the disc on an alternate player to check if the fault still exists.


All our discs are on DVD-r media. DVDs with full artwork will be on Taiyo Yuden Watersheild media or closest available alternative which have a fantastic compatibility rating.