Love Butcher, The

Love Butcher, The


The twisted tale of Caleb, and his alter ego Lester. After being pushed around too far, Caleb transforms into Lester and returns to those who have wronged him.

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Caleb is a “gimp” gardener who is merely tolerated by his employers, he’s a little simple-minded too, it would seem, and practically blind if you look at his glasses. But Caleb has a brother Lester that he lives with, or does he? Lester is the brains of the outfit and he has all the looks too, but unfortunately for Caleb’s customers, Lester seems to be a psychotic killer. And, a master of disguise, hell, even one of the intended victims figures that out. It seems that all Caleb’s customers are dying gruesome deaths and poor Caleb is dearly disturbed over it. The cops are under fire for not being able to solve the case and a newspaper reporter is hot on the trail too but despite all the garden tools used as weapons nobody can figure it all out.IMDB

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Erik Stern
Kay Neer
Jeremiah Beecher
Edward Roehm


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