Premonition, The

A school girl, Mikaela, writes an erotic essay. She gives it to her teacher in Swedish, whom she feels attracted to. She begins to spy on what he is doing and discovers that he has a very peculiar sense of humour. A girl in her class is murdered and the evidence points at the teacher.

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Mikaela has been thinking all sorts of thoughts about her high-school teacher, romantic thoughts, erotic thoughts, and downright sexual thoughts. What's more, she has been transforming those thoughts into essays which she hands in to him. Of course, his name isn't used in them, so perhaps he doesn't know. Then again, maybe he does. The teacher, in turn, is using the girl's stories as the basis for what he does with the women he picks up on a regular basis. When one of the women he has picked up winds up murdered, Mikaela suspects that her teacher may have killed her. At the same time, she has the uneasy feeling that someone outside her household is watching her just a little too closely for comfort.

Taken from a rare TV broadcast.

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AKA:Svart Lucia
Director:Rumle Hammerich
Language:Swedish, English subs.
Audio Quality:8.5
Video Quality:8.5

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