My Better Half


My Better Half


Three tales are about true love and how far will these couples go to prove it. The three stories play like a sexually charged and visually graphic Tales From the Crypt comic book. An omnibus of romance will leave you questioning whether or not these couples really love each other or is their personnel ego too strong to over come. Very dark and depressing but highly enjoyable. IMDB

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A set of three stories, each concerning a woman’s difficulty with her husband. Story 1 is set in 1940, in a brothel fallen on hard times. Their star attraction is Flora, but she marries a local fishseller, only to kill him with too much sex on their wedding night, then he comes back as a jealous ghost. Story 2 is possibly in the 1960s, regarding a poor family where the husband is very ill with TB and the wife has to work overtime. A chicken seller lusts after her and helps pay for the husband’s operation. But when he finds out…… Story 3 concerns a paranoid former nightclub hostess, “Beautiful Ho”, who marries Robert (a client) on a whim, then drives herself mad (or madder) suspecting him of wooing girls. She is seen telling her story in a police station, where she is being held for chopping up and cooking her husband.

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Andrew Chan, Kin-Yat Chan, Ju Fang


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